Boris Gelfand

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This paper presents an approach to optimal design of elastic flywheels using an Injection Island Genetic Algorithm (iiGA). An iiGA in combination with a finite element code is used to search for shape variations to optimize the Specific Energy Density (SED) of elastic flywheels. SED is defined as the amount of rotational energy stored per unit mass. iiGAs(More)
The operational performance desired for autonomous vehicles in the battlefield requires new approaches in algorithm design and computation. Our design, Polymorphic Cognitive Agent Architecture (PCAA), is a hardware-software system that supports the requirements for implementing a dynamic multi-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mission planning application using(More)
We describe a system for extracting concepts from unstructured text. We do this by clustering document words and then assembling a structure which relates these words semantically. The clustering process identiies words which co{occur across a set of documents and creates groups of words which suggest a semantic context common across the document set. This(More)
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