Boris Forsthuber

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Panels of pine sapwood coated with 30 different coating systems were exposed to natural weathering in Vienna as well as artificial weathering using fluorescent UV-lamps and water. The aim was to compare coating durability in natural and artificial weathering in terms of the exposure time until the panels reached a defined limit state where the coatings(More)
Anaerobic digestion (AD) of sugar beet pressed pulp (SBPP) is a promising treatment concept. It produces biogas as a renewable energy source making sugar production more energy efficient and it turns SBPP from a residue into a valuable resource. In this study one- and two-stage mono fermentation at mesophilic conditions in a continuous stirred tank reactor(More)
A study of the surface discolouration of clear coated wood during artificial and outdoor weathering and its prevention using clear coatings comprising organic UV absorbers (UVA) and mineral UV screeners was carried out. It was shown that the use of UVA and UV screeners in clear coatings was very effective in reducing photodegradation of the wood surface.(More)
Although conventional spectrophotometers are well-known to give very accurate and reproducible measuring results of the wood surface colour, the areal resolution of this method is limited due to the fixed aperture size. In this study, the applicability of a colour calibrated flatbed scanner for areal-resolved colorimetry was investigated. For this purpose,(More)
The aim of the present study was to find and develop a sensor to evaluate the weathering rates of wood coatings during natural and artificial weathering using a material of known and controlled rate of decomposition. This was achieved by the use of a coating based on poly (vinyl acetate) copolymer binder in combination with Fe2+ as redox catalyst. It was(More)
Application of coatings on larch wood surfaces with high concentrations of arabinogalactan and wood resins and/or low pH-values can pose problems regarding film formation and service life of coatings. In the present feasibility study, FT-NIR spectroscopy as a method for the quantification of the abovementioned wood characteristics on the surface of(More)
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