Boris Dubrovin

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Theorem 1. 1) Under local changes of the fields u = u(w) the coefficient g(u) in the bracket (2) transforms like a bilinear form (a tensor with upper indices); if det g 6= 0, then the expression b k (u) = gΓ j sk transforms in such a way that the Γjsk are the Christoffel tymbols of a differential-geometric connection. 2) In order that the bracket (2) be(More)
We present a project of classification of a certain class of bihamiltonian 1+1 PDEs depending on a small parameter. Our aim is to embed the theory of Gromov Witten invariants of all genera into the theory of integrable systems. The project is focused at describing normal forms of the PDEs and their local bihamiltonian structures satisfying certain simple(More)
We study the general structure of formal perturbative solutions to the Hamiltonian perturbations of spatially one-dimensional systems of hyperbolic PDEs vt + [φ(v)]x = 0. Under certain genericity assumptions it is proved that any bihamiltonian perturbation can be eliminated in all orders of the perturbative expansion by a change of coordinates on the(More)