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Virtual machine monitors: Xen and the art of virtualization
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Xen and the art of virtualization
Numerous systems have been designed which use virtualization to subdivide the ample resources of a modern computer. Some require specialized hardware, or cannot support commodity operating systems.Expand
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XenoTrust: event-based distributed trust management
This paper describes XenoTrust, the trust management architecture used in the XenoServer Open Platform: a public infrastructure for wide-area computing, capable of hosting tasks that span the fullExpand
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Extending the Java Virtual Machine to Enforce Fine-Grained Security Policies in Mobile Devices
The growth of the applications and services market for mobile devices is currently slowed down by the lack of a flexible and reliable security infrastructure. The development and adoption of a newExpand
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Pinocchio: Incentives for Honest Participation in Distributed Trust Management
In this paper, we introduce a framework for providing incentives for honest participation in global-scale distributed trust management infrastructures. Our system can improve the quality ofExpand
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Xen 2002
This report describes the design of Xen, the hypervisor developed as part of the XenoServer widearea computing project. Xen enables the hardware resources of a machine to be virtualized andExpand
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Audio Location: Accurate Low-Cost Location Sensing
Audio location is a technique for performing accurate 3D location sensing using off-the-shelf audio hardware. The use of off-the-shelf hardware allows audio location deployment to be low-cost andExpand
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Managing Trust and Reputation in the XenoServer Open Platform
Participants in public distributed computing do not find it easy to trust each other. The massive number of parties involved, their heterogeneous backgrounds, disparate goals and independent natureExpand
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Information exposure control through data manipulation for ubiquitous computing
The vision of Ubiquitous Computing [22] creates the world in which information is omnipresent, migrating seamlessly through the environment to be accessible whenever and wherever needed. Such aExpand
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Containment: From context awareness to contextual effects awareness
Context plays a key role, as recongnized by a wide body of research, in application and entity adaptation in the ubiquitous computing world characterized by extensive platform heterogenity andExpand
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