Boris Desiatov

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We experimentally demonstrate avalanche sub bandgap detection of light at 1550 nm wavelength via surface states using the configuration of interleaved PN junctions along a silicon waveguide. The device operates in a fully depleted mode.
Alkali vapours, such as rubidium, are being used extensively in several important fields of research such as slow and stored light nonlinear optics quantum computation, atomic clocks and magnetometers. Recently, there is a growing effort towards miniaturizing traditional centimetre-size vapour cells. Owing to the significant reduction in device dimensions,(More)
In recent years, there has been marked increase in research aimed to introduce alkali vapours into guided-wave configurations. Owing to the significant reduction in device dimensions, the increase in density of states, the interaction with surfaces and primarily the high intensities carried along the structure, a plethora of light-vapour interactions can be(More)
We experimentally demonstrate resistive random access memory device integrated with a silicon plasmonic waveguide, and relying on the formation of nanoscale metallic needles. The measured electrical and optical response show distinct bistability with well-defined hysteresis.
We observe directly for the first time optical near field in silicon nanophotonics devices with nanoscale resolution using near field scanning thermal microscopy and demonstrated its advantage over the NSOM technique.