Boris Desiatov

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We experimentally demonstrate an on-chip nanoscale silicon surface-plasmon Schottky photodetector based on internal photoemission process and operating at telecom wavelengths. The device is fabricated using a self-aligned approach of local-oxidation of silicon (LOCOS) on silicon on insulator substrate, which provides compatibility with standard(More)
We experimentally demonstrate an on-chip compact and simple to fabricate silicon Schottky photodetector for telecom wavelengths operating on the basis of internal photoemission process. The device is realized using CMOS compatible approach of local-oxidation of silicon, which enables the realization of the photodetector and low-loss bus photonic waveguide(More)
We demonstrate the design, fabrication and experimental characterization of a submicron-scale silicon waveguide that is fabricated by local oxidation of silicon. The use of local oxidation process allows defining the waveguide geometry and obtaining smooth sidewalls. The process can be tuned to precisely control the shape and the dimensions of the(More)
The capability to focus electromagnetic energy at the nanoscale plays an important role in nanoscinece and nanotechnology. It allows enhancing light matter interactions at the nanoscale with applications related to nonlinear optics, light emission and light detection. It may also be used for enhancing resolution in microscopy, lithography and optical(More)
We demonstrate a nanoscale mode selector supporting the propagation of the first antisymmetric mode of a silicon waveguide. The mode selector is based on embedding a short section of PhC into the waveguide. On the basis of the difference in k-vector distribution between orthogonal waveguide modes, the PhC can be designed to have a band gap for the(More)
We describe the design, fabrication, and experimental demonstration of a circular Dammann grating element generating a point-spread function of two concentric rings with equal intensity. The element was fabricated using grayscale lithography, providing a smooth and accurate phase profile. As a result, we obtained high diffraction efficiency and good(More)
We demonstrate spectral filtering with state-of-the-art Bragg gratings in plasmonic V-groove waveguides fabricated by wafer scale processing based on nanoimprint lithography. Transmission spectra of the devices having 16 grating periods exhibit spectral rejection of the channel plasmon polaritons with 8.2 dB extinction ratio and -3 dB bandwidth of Δλ = 39.9(More)
We experimentally demonstrate for the first time a nanoscale resistive random access memory (RRAM) electronic device integrated with a plasmonic waveguide providing the functionality of optical readout. The device fabrication is based on silicon on insulator CMOS compatible approach of local oxidation of silicon, which enables the realization of RRAM and(More)
We report an on-chip integrated metal graphene-silicon plasmonic Schottky photodetector with 85 mA/W responsivity at 1.55 μm and 7% internal quantum efficiency. This is one order of magnitude higher than metal-silicon Schottky photodetectors operated in the same conditions. At a reverse bias of 3 V, we achieve avalanche multiplication, with 0.37A/W(More)