Boris Desiatov

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The capability to focus electromagnetic energy at the nanoscale plays an important role in nanoscinece and nanotechnology. It allows enhancing light matter interactions at the nanoscale with applications related to nonlinear optics, light emission and light detection. It may also be used for enhancing resolution in microscopy, lithography and optical(More)
We demonstrate the switching of a silicon nitride micro ring resonator (MRR) by using digital microfluidics (DMF). Our platform allows driving micro-droplets on-chip, providing control over the effective refractive index at the vicinity of the resonator and thus facilitating the manipulation of the transmission spectrum of the MRR. The device is fabricated(More)
Alkali vapours, such as rubidium, are being used extensively in several important fields of research such as slow and stored light nonlinear optics quantum computation, atomic clocks and magnetometers. Recently, there is a growing effort towards miniaturizing traditional centimetre-size vapour cells. Owing to the significant reduction in device dimensions,(More)
We experimentally demonstrate avalanche sub bandgap detection of light at 1550 nm wavelength via surface states using the configuration of interleaved PN junctions along a silicon waveguide. The device operates in a fully depleted mode.
Metasurfaces consisting of ultrathin nanostructures are utilized to control the properties of light including its phase, amplitude and polarization. Hereby, we demonstrate the capability of such structures to perform arbitrary polarization selective beam shaping using dielectric nanoscale metasurfaces implemented in silicon. By illuminating the structure(More)
Following the miniaturization of photonic devices and the increase in data rates, the issues of self heating and heat removal in active nanophotonic devices should be considered and studied in more details. In this paper we use the approach of Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) to obtain an image of the temperature field of a silicon micro ring resonator(More)