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The purpose of this study was to investigate a 3D coronary artery segmentation algorithm using 16-row MDCT data sets. Fifty patients underwent cardiac CT (Sensation 16, Siemens) and coronary angiography. Automatic and manual detection of coronary artery stenosis was performed. A 3D coronary artery segmentation algorithm (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer(More)
This paper argues that variable error introduces a limit to the extent to which a person can be adapted to his or her environment in general, and for the extent to which the driver can be adapted to the traffic environment in particular. This is because variable error turns what is a deterministic and stable world into an uncertain one where it is only(More)
is currently in her second year of study, and she is studying usability and design of applications in Mixed, and Augmented Reality Systems. The main supervisor for the research is Professor Erik Holllnagel. Abstract In this paper we describe a systemic approach to usability in information systems, by applying a cognitive systems engineering perspective(More)
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