Boris Bardot

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The pattern of feather buds in a tract is thought to result from the relative ratios between activator and inhibitor signals through a lateral inhibition process. We analyse the role of Drm/Gremlin, a BMPs antagonist expressed during feather pattern formation, in the dermal precursor, the dense dermis, the interbud dermis and in the posterior dermal(More)
The drm gene encodes a cystine knot-containing secreted and cell membrane-associated glycoprotein shown to be an antagonist of BMPs. Drm was recently reported to play a crucial role in limb bud development, by its capacity to bind BMPs. Here, we have studied the expression pattern of drm transcripts during chicken development, by using whole-mount in situ(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the contribution of endogenous - that is, without the addition of any interferon (IFN) inducer - type I IFN production in the defense against tumor development. To this purpose, the IFN-alpha receptor (IFNAR) knockout (KO)-induced mutation, resulting in the complete absence of IFN-alpha/beta activity, was introduced(More)
Down-regulated by mos (Drm)/Gremlin is a highly conserved protein whose properties and expression pattern suggest a role in early development, tissue-specific differentiation, and cell transformation. We have investigated the biosynthesis and processing of Drm expressed endogenously in rat fibroblasts or overexpressed following transient or stable(More)
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