Boris Almonacid

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Open pit mining problems aims at correctly identifying the set of blocks to be mined in order to maximize the net present value of the extracted ore. Different constraints can be involved and may vary the difficulty of the problem. In particular, the Open-Pit Long-Term Production Planning Problem is one of the variants that better models the real mining(More)
Manufacturing Cell Design is a problem that is aimed at distributing the different machines of a center of production in cells, so that the parts of the final product to be manufactured with the least amount of travel in its manufacturing process. Bat Algorithm is an algorithm inspired by the behavior of echolocation in bats. Using a balance sheet of the(More)
The machine-part cell formation (MPCF) problem is to organize an assembly as a set of cells, where each cell contains certain machines that process a sub-set of parts. In recent years, different types of metaheuristics have been used to solve the problem of MPCF. This publication focuses on solving the MPCF problem using a metaheuristic inspired on birds,(More)
Machine-Part Cell Formation consists on organizing a plant as a set of cells, each one of them processing machines containing different part types. In recent years, different techniques have been used to solve this problem ranging from exact to approximate methods. This paper focuses on solving new instances of this problem for which no optimal value exists(More)
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