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VegeSTAR is a software for visualisation of 3D plant structure, and computation of light interception and carbon acquisition by photosynthesis. The plants are represented by a collection of organs, described by simple geometrical shapes. The basic shapes are modified by geometrical parameters defining organ shape, size, spatial orientation and position.(More)
Insect pest development is often linearly related to air temperature, without taking into account the multiple interactions between the particular host plant and pest, the microclimatic conditions actually experienced by the insect, and the non-linear response of insect development rate to temperature. In this study, using an integrative biophysical model,(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) plant modelling has become a promising tool for simulating plant functional-structural processes (Godin & Sinoquet 2005), especially those related to the 3D plant organization. An emerging approach for constructing virtual plants is based on non-contact 3D measurement devices which offer a fast and accurate way to capture the plant(More)
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