Boris A. Trakhtenbrot

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Concerns about computational problems requiring brute-force or exhaustive search methods have gained particular attention in recent years because of the widespread research on the "P = NP?" question. The Russian word for "brute-force search" is "perebor. " It has been an active research area in the Soviet Union for several decades. Disputes about approaches(More)
We investigate the relationship between three kinds of interpreted nets: nets of processes, nets of relations and nets of functions (or of sets of functions). The respective semantic definitions are based on three fundamental constructs: synchronization, strong conjunction and least fixed point operator. In this way we relate notions from concurrency, logic(More)
<italic>Denotational semantics for an ALGOL-like language with finite-mode procedures, blocks with local storage, and sharing (aliasing) is given by translating programs into an appropriately typed &#955;-calculus. Procedures are entirely explained at a purely functional level - independent of the interpretation of program constructs - by continuous models(More)