Boris A. Ivin

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A stage II of the joint clinical study of Dioxadet, an ethylene imine drug, was carried out to evaluate its therapeutic effect in 229 patients and side-effects in 239 patients with malignancies of various sites. Marked therapeutic effect was observed in ascitic malignancies of the ovary and a moderate one--in disseminated breast cancer. The most frequent(More)
The investigation of 22 patients has established the concentration of fluothane in the blood to influence the catecholamine content and the cardio-vascular system. Its increased concentration in the blood results in certain decrease of the level of general catecholamines in the blood, decreased value of systolic arterial pressure and increased frequency of(More)
1,3-dioxan- and 1,3-propane diol derivatives of alkyl nitrosourea have been synthesized and studied. Like other 2/chloroethylnitrosoureas, they exerted pronounced influence on a wide range of transplantable tumors, including those transplanted intracranially. Antitumor effect was found to depend on C5 and C2 atom substituent in the 1,3-dioxan cycle and(More)
Derivatives of malonic acid exhibit a wide spectrum of pharmacological properties. There are compounds in this group that exhibit hypotensive, diuretic, spasmolytic, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and analgetic effects [I 5]. The purpose of this work was to synthesize nonsymmetric sulfur-containing diamides and amidoesters of malonic and oxalic acids and to(More)
Continuing our search for antitumor agents among some nitrogen mustard derivatives witb varying lipophylic:hydrophylic properties, some containing the cytotoxic 1,3-dioxane ring [i], we have synthesized some p-substituted N,N-di(2-cbloroethyl)anilines and studied their structure and action on experimental tumors in animals. The synthesis of the substituted(More)
One of the main tasks of the chemotherapy of tumors at the present time, in addition to the synthesis and selection of potential antitumor compounds, is to determine the relationship between the antitumor and toxic effects of these compounds and their structure, physicochemical properties, and reactivity. That such a relationship exists is not open to(More)