Boris A. Alpatov

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One of the most popular approaches to detect lines is based on the Hough transform. Radon transform (RT) allows to made Hough transform by FFT. But real-world difficulties (such as: noise, clutter, blur etc.) decrease the sharpness of the local maximums of RT. The new approach to line detection using the Weighted Radon Transform (WRT) is suggested in this(More)
Actual problems arising in the development of on-board vision systems for aircraft are considered. The algorithm for heterogeneous image (real TV-image and image of digital terrain map) registration is analyzed. We offer several approaches to improve image synthesis in combined vision system. Results of experimental research of proposed approaches are shown.
The suggested SPIHT-based (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) compression method for degraded one-look SAR images is aimed to be realized in onboard radar hardware to improve quality of on-ground registered image. The main idea of the method is to select two segments in the SAR image: with relatively uncorrupted data (after some processing) and data(More)
We analyze the registration process in combined vision systems and offer a new approach for image synthesis. The proposed algorithm contains all benefits of previously developed approaches. Compared to the other approaches, it involves two techniques: searching and tracking. Tracking technique is performed by using feature detection and matching algorithms.(More)
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