Borbála Pál

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Corticosteroid use is one of the most important secondary causes of osteoporosis. Generally, it has been believed that in addition to its effect on bone mineral density (BMD), it also causes an alteration in bone quality that means that fractures occur at a lower BMD than might be expected. To establish if this is the case, we have compared the relationship(More)
The therapeutic effectiveness of a benfotiamine (CAS 22457-89-2)-vitamin B combination (Milgamma-N), administered in high (4 x 2 capsules/day, = 320 mg benfotiamine/day) and medium doses (3 x 1 capsules/day), was compared to a monotherapy with benfotiamine (Benfogamma) (3 x 1 tablets/day, = 150 mg benfotiamine/day) in diabetic patients suffering from(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the outcome of osteoporosis assessment and rehabilitation in post-fracture patients. METHODS This was a retrospective survey of the records of patients who had been referred to us from orthopaedic departments for rehabilitation after a fracture. RESULTS A significant number of patients had had previous fractures (n = 17) or risk(More)
After tetracycline hydrochloride (TC) treatment for 48 h, we obtained 8-azaguanine-resistant mutants in a population of cultured Chinese hamster cells. Optimal expression of mutation was reached after about 5 days, and mutation frequency remained constant thereafter. There was a gradual increase in the yield of mutants with increasing doses of TC, and(More)
UV-irradiated Chinese hamster cells on post-irradiation treatment with caffeine in growth medium for 24 h gave rise to biphasic UV-survival curves. At caffeine concentrations between 0.001 and 0.1 mM, control and caffeine-grown cells had similar survival curves initially from 0 to 30 J/m2. At fluences greater than 30 J/m2, there was effectively only little(More)
The therapeutic advantage of the long acting ACE-inhibitor benazepril in a 12 weeks intervention period on 23 diabetic (3 IDDM, 20 NIDDM) patients with essential hypertension was studied. Participants-giving informed consent before beginning the study-on the base of repeated casual blood pressure measurements were divided into "slightly" (n = 8) and(More)