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BACKGROUND Musical abilities such as recognising music and singing performance serve as means for communication and are instruments in sexual selection. Specific regions of the brain have been found to be activated by musical stimuli, but these have rarely been extended to the discovery of genes and molecules associated with musical ability. METHODS A(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between postvoid residual (PVR) and the occurrence of urinary tract infection (UTI) in stroke patients. METHOD One hundred and eighty-eight stroke patients who were admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation unit and who did not have UTI on admission (105 males, 83 females, mean age 67.1 years) were included in this study.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion can lead to ischemic white matter injury resulting in vascular dementia. To characterize white matter injury in vascular dementia, we investigated disintegration of diverse white matter components using a rat model of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion. METHODS Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion was modeled in(More)
We report the complete genome sequence of the Mycobacterium massiliense clinical strain Asan 50594, which was grouped into the M. massiliense type II genotype, isolated from a Korean patient. This genome sequence will serve as a valuable reference for understanding the disparity in virulence and epidemiological traits between strains belonging to the(More)
STUDY DESIGN This is a prospective randomized cohort study. PURPOSE We intended to evaluate the efficacy of a 48 hour antibiotic microbial prophylaxis (AMP) protocol as compared with a 72 hour AMP protocol. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE The current guideline for the prevention of surgical site infection (SSI) suggests the AMP should not exceed 24 hours after(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate renal function measurements are important in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. In contrast to creatinine, the production of serum cystatin C has been extensively reported to be unaffected by body muscle mass, age, gender, and nutritional status. METHODS Our study included 37 samples from diabetic chronic kidney disease(More)
Recently, we introduced the complete genome sequence of Mycobacterium massiliense clinical isolates, Asan 50594 belonging to Type II genotype with rough colony morphology. Here, to address the issue of whether the rough colony morphotype of M. massiliense Type II genotype is genetically determined or not, we compared polymorphisms of the glycopeptidolipid(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine abnormal MRI findings in adults hospitalized with acute severe axial LBP. METHOD Sixty patients with back pain were divided into 3 groups consisting of 1) 23 adults with acute axial severe LBP who could not sit up or stand up for several days, but had not experienced previous back-related diseases or trauma (group A), 2) 19 adults(More)