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Keywords: Self-disclosure Intimacy Need for affiliation Relational motivations Facebook a b s t r a c t The present study examined the association between self-disclosure and intimacy in the context of Face-book. As the antecedents of self-disclosure, the study included the need for affiliation and the motivations for relationship maintenance and(More)
This study examined how cell-phone use is related to interpersonal motives for using cell phones, face-to-face communication, and loneliness. A survey of 232 college students who owned a cell phone revealed that affection and inclusion were relatively strong motivations for using voice calls and text messaging, and that interpersonal motives were positively(More)
Building on research comparing on-again/off-again (on-off) relationships to other dating relationships, the current study focused on a unique feature of these relationships-renewals. A sample of 274 participants who had experienced an on-off relationship completed a survey about why they renewed their relationships, characteristics of their breakups and(More)
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