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The cosmetic industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Conventional hand-held skin cameras allow for 2D inspection of the skin surface. This paper proposes a new model for full-color 3D imaging of the skin tissue using fiber-based optical coherence tomography (OCT). Compared to laser or LD sources, RGB LED was found more suitable and thus(More)
As skin is the exterior organ of human body, cosmetic industry advances year by year. To reveal the details of skin tissue, threedimensional medical imaging is required. Based on the idea of "readout instead of write", a new scheme named spectral classification imaging (SCI) is proposed in the present study to reduce the invasiveness by applying the(More)
Cosmetic industry grows fast in recent years. To reveal the image of dermal structure, it is necessary to apply three-dimensional medical imaging technology. To reduce the invasiveness of laser source on tissues, tissue recognition imaging is proposed to retrieve the intrinsic optical property, namely, the reflection spectrum of every scanned point for(More)
To maintain the life of patients with hemophilia, apoplexy or hemorrhage, appropriate blood coagulation is crucial. To study the microscopic phenomena of blood coagulation and the therapeutic effects of blood medication, optical tweezers were applied to estimate the interaction between red blood cells in the coagulation process. By measuring minimum optical(More)
To avoid the use of ultrasound transducers and coupling gel in photoacoustic microscopy (PAM), we propose photo-acousto-optic tomography (PAOT) for noncontact photoacoustic (PA) sensing. The process consists of two parts. The first portion is the same as typical PAM, which employs a pulsed laser to induce acoustic waves. The difference from typical methods(More)
A conventional handheld skin camera is suitable for 2D inspection of shallow skin. Due to its high resolution and noninvasiveness, optical coherence tomography (OCT) has become a popular medical-imaging technology. Among OCT schemes, full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) is suitable for rapid en face imaging, as it uses a 2D imaging device for(More)
Collagen is one of the main structural proteins in human dermis. The lack and atrophy of collagen induces the appearance of wrinkles and beginning of aging. L-ascorbic acid has significant effects on skin-whitening and anti-oxidation, which helps keep skin beautiful and healthy, respectively. With auto-fluorescence, the amount of collagen is in proportion(More)
Agents that alter the dynamics of hemostasis form an important part in management of conditions such as atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease, and bleeding diatheses. In this study, we explored the effects of heparin and tranexamic acid on the efficiency of blood coagulation. Using optical tweezers, we evaluated the pN-range micro-interaction between(More)
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