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Bioelectrochemical systems (BESs) are promising technologies for energy and product recovery coupled with wastewater treatment, and the core microbial community in electrochemically active biofilm in BESs remains controversy. In the present study, 7 anodic communities from 6 bioelectrochemical systems in 4 labs in southeast, north and south-central of China(More)
Phenol biodegradation in batch systems using Cupriavidus taiwanesis 187 has been experimentally studied. To determine the various parameters of a kinetic model, combinations of rearranged equations have been evaluated using inverse polynomial techniques for parameter estimation. The correlations between lag phase and phase concentration suggest that(More)
Proteus hauseri ZMd44 (CGMCC 6746), as a crucial biodecolorizing, bioelectricity-generating, and copper-resistant bacterium, is distinguished from the urinary pathogens Proteus penneri and Proteus mirabilis. To further investigate the genetic functions of this strain, the genome sequence and annotation of its open reading frames, which consist of 3,875,927(More)
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