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Geographic routing is a promising approach for point-to-point routing in wireless sensor networks, but it requires the availability of geographic coordinates. Location devices like GPS do not work indoors and they are often not cost-effective for ubiquitous deployment on a large scale. While it is possible to manually configure coordinates for small sensor(More)
An implementation of data preprocessing system for Web usage mining and the details of algorithm for path completion are presented. After user session identification, the missing pages in user access paths are appended by using the referer-based method which is an effective solution to the problems introduced by using proxy servers and local caching. The(More)
Community detection is an important task for mining the structure and function of complex networks. Many pervious approaches are difficult to detect communities with arbitrary size and shape, and are unable to identify hubs and outliers. A recently proposed network clustering algorithm, SCAN, is effective and can overcome this difficulty. However, it(More)
In this paper an attempt has been made to explore the possibility of the usage of artificial neural networks as automated test oracle. Automated test oracle includes capabilities to generate expected output and compare it with actual output automatically. It is important for automated software testing. But there are very few techniques to implement it. In(More)
This study proposes a novel method to group and organize search results. We apply statistical techniques to term co-occurrence information in a corpus to retrieve bi-grams firstly, and then combine bi-grams into n-grams. After eliminating redundant n-grams, the remaining ones are ranked and selected as cluster labels. Base clusters are constructed according(More)
Social tagging systems have been largely adopted by users as useful and powerful tools to organize, browse and share interested resources on the web. All the tags used and resources collected by a user constitute the userpsilas personal tag space, which contains valuable information that can be used for building and enhancing the user model. In this paper,(More)