Boqiang Liu

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An EEG analyzing system based on Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) and muC/os-II real time operating system is discussed in this paper. The detailed system design including the producing of event signals and the synchronization between event signals and EEG signals is described. The details of data acquisition, data preprocessing, data transmitting through USB(More)
Identification and classification technology plays an important part in study of the BCI system. There are many algorithms to classify the event of different task related. Here, finger movement was used as the basic and typical tasks to be identified in the BCI experiments. The ideas of BP and ERD were introduced and discussed. The CSSD (common spatial(More)
Magnetic fields simulating EEG rhythm were used to stimulate Wistar rats to explore the effect of magnetic field on retrieval (recall) ability and its mechanism. The results indicated that most of the weak magnetic fields (>10 minutes) simulating the EEG rhythm of human brain impaired the retrieval of long-term memory significantly (P<0.05), but weak(More)
This is a review of the progress in the study on auditory event-related potentials (ERP) of novel events. Several cognitive problems about the novelty ERP response on brain and the experiment methods are introduced. The mismatch negative potential (MMN) reflects the detection of deviant events, and MMN is related with the novelty P3. Familiarity and(More)
In this research, the influence of the preceding auditor stimulus on the auditory-evoked potential (AEP) of the succeeding stimuli was investigated, when the human subjects were presented with a pair of auditory stimuli. We found that the evoked potential of the succeeding stimulus was inhibited completely by the preceding stimulus, when the inter-stimulus(More)
BOLD-fMRI is an experiment method which is used for magnetic resonance image technology to detect physiological change of different brain functional neural activity under different stimulation conditions. In this paper, we study post-processing arithmetic of human brain's fMRI under the condition of acupuncture to obtain the brain's activation region. In(More)
Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) is an important type of time-frequency analysis in biomedical signal processing. The cross-term interference in WVD has a disadvantageous influence on its application. In this research, the Self Spectrum Window (SSW) method was put forward to suppress the cross-term interference, based on the fact that the cross-term and(More)
It is uncertain if different brain areas in response to pre-semantic picture processing are functionally homogeneous. Using event-related potentials (ERPs), we aimed to explore the neural activities in different brain regions in relation to processing of sentence memory and picture identification. Healthy subjects were chosen to discriminate visual stimulus(More)
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