Boqiang Fan

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Experiments have demonstrated that cortical and sensory neurons prefer to response to signals with characteristics of long-term correlation or 1/f noise feature better than signals with no correlation like white-noise-type [1]. In order to study the underlying mechanism, we built up a cortical neuronal model [2] based on Hodgkin-Huxley theory to study the(More)
The Dunhuang historical documents are of great significance to the study of ancient Chinese Buddhist culture and other topics. It would greatly benefit the protection and the study of historical documents with full-text information generated by historical document recognition technology. However, many historical documents from Dunhuang are old and broken,(More)
Odor responses of mitral cells in the olfactory bulb are observed to be sparse spatially and decorrelated in response to odor signals [1]. We have built a large scale biophysical network model of olfactory bulb composed of mitral and granule cells, corresponding to 1/100th of the real system in the rat, and used direct experimental imaging data of glomeruli(More)
There is a growing interest in estimating actual density ranges of Na+ channels in the very thin axon, especially in the action potential (AP) initiation zone, i.e., the axon initial segment (AIS, 20-50 microns away from the cell body). Both immunostaining studies and patch-clamp recordings indicated a relatively high density of Na+ channels in AIS of(More)
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