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BACKGROUND Glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) is a key enzyme for the synthesis and catabolism of glutamic acid, proline and alanine, which are important osmolytes in aquatic animals. However, the response of GDH gene expression to salinity alterations has not yet been determined in macro-crustacean species. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS GDH cDNA was isolated(More)
Little is known about consequences of Spartina alterniflora invasion on soil sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB). This study compared the abundance, diversity, and community structure of SRB in S. alterniflora and in native plant communities along a successional gradient (bare mudflat, young/mature S. alterniflora, Suaeda salsa, and Phragmites australis) in(More)
Genetic diversity, population genetic structure and molecular phylogeographic pattern of mantis shrimp Oratosquilla oratoria in Bohai Sea and South China Sea were analyzed by mitochondrial DNA sequences. Nucleotide and haplotype diversities were 0.00409–0.00669 and 0.894–0.953 respectively. Neighbor-Joining phylogenetic tree clustered two distinct lineages.(More)
Oratosquilla oratoria (Crustacea: Squillidae) is the most dominant species in the indo-pacific ocean, which has been regarded as the marine lives for its good taste and rich nutrition in fishery. In the current study, eleven polymorphic microsatellite loci were isolated from total genome of O. oratoria, and tested their polymorphism in 30 individuals(More)
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