Boonsong Jaichapor

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The effectiveness of five mosquito traps at sampling anopheline mosquitoes was compared with landing/biting (L/B) collections in western Thailand. Traps evaluated included a CDC style light trap (CDC LT) with dry ice, the American Biophysics Corporation (ABC) standard light trap (ABC LT) with dry ice and octenol, the ABC counterflow geometry (CFG) trap with(More)
Highly multiplexed assays, such as microarrays, can benefit arbovirus surveillance by allowing researchers to screen for hundreds of targets at once. We evaluated amplification strategies and the practicality of a portable DNA microarray platform to analyze virus-infected mosquitoes. The prototype microarray design used here targeted the non-structural(More)
Tembusu virus (TMUV; Ntaya serocomplex) was detected in two pools of mosquitoes captured near Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, as well as from sera from sentinel ducks from the same area. Although TMUV has been isolated from several mosquito species in Asia, no studies have ever shown competent vectors for this virus. Therefore, we allowed mosquitoes captured near(More)
Anopheles minimus Theobald is one of the major vectors of malaria throughout the Oriental Region, and it's complex consists of at least 2 sibling species (A and C) in Thailand. This study aimed to determine the morphological variations of wings of An. minimus A and to clarify the specific status of An. minimus in Ban Khun Huay, Ban Pa Dae, and Ban Tham(More)
Dengue fever occurs in localized outbreaks and can significantly erode troop strength and mission readiness. Timely identification of dengue virus (DENV) provides for rapid and appropriate patient management decisions, such as medical evacuation and supportive therapies, as well as help to promote Force Health Protection through vector control and personal(More)
Sampling for adult mosquito populations is a means of evaluating the efficacy of vector control operations. The goal of this study was to evaluate and identify the most efficacious mosquito traps and combinations of attractants for malaria vector surveillance along the Thai-Myanmar border. In the first part of the study, the BG-Sentinel™ Trap (BGS Trap) and(More)
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