Boonserm Kijsirikul

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In support vector machines (SVM), the kernel functions which compute dot product in feature space significantly affect the performance of classifiers. Each kernel function is suitable for some tasks. A universal kernel is not possible, and the kernel must be chosen for the tasks under consideration by hand. In order to obtain a flexible kernel function, a(More)
This paper presents a method for continuous Thai tone recognition. One of the main problems in tone recognition is that several interacting factors affect F 0 realization of tones. In this paper, we focus on the tonal assimilation and declination effects. These effects are compensated by the tone information of neighboring syllables, the F 0 downdrift and(More)
We present a general framework of semi-supervised dimensionality reduction for manifold learning which naturally generalizes existing supervised and unsuper-vised learning frameworks which apply the spectral decomposition. Algorithms derived under our framework are able to employ both labeled and unlabeled examples and are able to handle complex problems(More)