Boonlert Viriyapak

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An elevated serum CA125 level in association with a pelvic mass, pleural effusion, and massive ascites usually signifies a dismal prognosis in a postmenopausal woman. However, surgery and histopathological examination are required for the correct diagnosis and treatment, since an elevated CA125 level can be falsely positive for ovarian malignancy. We(More)
OBJECTIVE Autophagy plays a vital role in homeostasis by combining organelles and cellular proteins with lysosome under starvation conditions. In addition, autophagy provides tumor cells with a source of energy. Continued autophagy will induce cells death. Here we aim to see if autophagic induction has an effect on conventional chemotherapeutic agents. (More)
Cervical adenoid basal carcinoma (ABC) rarely can harbor associated malignancies like adenoid cystic carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which express markedly different prognosis from a pure ABC, making an appropriate biopsy essential to provide a clear diagnosis and therapeutic plan. We report a 64-year-old asymptomatic lady with an abnormal(More)
BACKGROUND To study the incidence of non-endometrioid carcinoma of endometrium and compare the clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes with endometrioid carcinoma patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study included 236 patients with endometrial carcinoma at Siriraj Hospital whom were diagnosed and treated from 2003 through 2006. The clinical(More)
AIM To evaluate the agreement between colposcopic diagnosis and cervical pathology a retrospective chart review was performed. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study included 437 patients who underwent colposcopy and cervical biopsy or conization at Siriraj Hospital from October 2010 - December 2012. The patient clinical characteristics, cervical cytology(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence and associated factors of superimposed preeclampsia among pregnant women with chronic hypertension. METHODS A total of 300 pregnant women diagnosed with chronic hypertension were reviewed. Data were retrieved from medical records, including obstetric data, characteristics of hypertension, and pregnancy outcomes.(More)
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