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Development of blur detection algorithms has attracted many attentions in recent years. The blur detection algorithms are found very helpful in real life applications and therefore have been developed in various multimedia related research areas including image restoration, image enhancement, and image segmentation. These researches have helped us in(More)
Most common method of clearing image noise is through median filtration. Median smoothers discard outliers (or impulses) quite effectively at lower noise densities but, fail to provide adequate smoothing for heavily noised images for the simple reason that, in the conventional median filter approaches, each and every pixel of an image is filtered without(More)
Detection of blur in digital image, which is commonly preliminary step for de-blurring process, has becoming one of the growing research areas these days and has attracted many attentions from researchers. Research scholars have proposed new methods, or improved blur detection algorithms, based on edge sharpness analysis, low Depth of Field analysis, blind(More)
Thumbnail image is a smaller version of higher resolution image. It is used to represent the information contained in the original larger image. Thumbnail image gives basic information about the image composition, so that rough judgment on the original image can be done by the user. Yet, common thumbnail algorithms are not sensitive towards blur. Therefore,(More)
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