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This project discusses studies to relate movement and style of stroke to velocities of swimmers. Implementation of sensors and video to provide aid to coaches in defining the difference in swimmer's stroke action and their performance will be considered. Sensors will generate data on performance of swimmer whilst underwater camera records action of swimmer(More)
Motion analysis in sports is important to evaluate the performance of athletes. This paper will be looking into the stability of the hands in sporting activities such as archery, while aiming. Various techniques have been developed to quantify the stability without the need of physical attachments on the subject. A positioning acquisition system is(More)
Nosocomial infections are posing an increasingly serious problem in the hospital setting. With the increasing use of ultrasound in medical diagnosis, there is the potential for transmission of nosocomial infections via the ultrasound transducer and coupling gel. We evaluated the use of different membranes (three types of commercially available household(More)
The Precision Smart Force Platform is divided into three main sections; the platform, data acquisition circuit, and software. The purpose of this research work is to design and to develop a precision force platform, which can be widely used to measure vertical ground reaction force of the human body in various daily activities i.e. walking, jogging and(More)
This paper explores the control of an automobile mounted with a BlackWidow 1.0 microcontroller from a remote location using a smartphone or a computer as a data mining and analysis device as well as for the purposes of first response search and rescue during a disaster relief operation. Custom application programs; ReCon-A for the Android platform and(More)
Accident prevention systems have recently been a part of many modern cars to reduce injuries and casualties on the road. However, the high cost of components and equipment have limited such safety systems to higher-end and luxury vehicles. This paper proposes an economical method of using a smartphone application for real-time lane detection and rearend(More)
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