Bonvath Say

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The authors studied the frequency of chromosome variants in 48 hospitalized children with psychiatric diagnoses (study group) in comparison with 10 hospitalized children with nonpsychiatric diagnoses (control group) and the results of three surveys of newborn children. They found that the frequency of variants in their study group was elevated in comparison(More)
OBJECT Frontoethmoidal meningoencephaloceles (MECs) are a relatively common abnormality in southeast Asia, with disastrous consequences for the sufferer. In Cambodia, a lack of skilled neuro- and craniofacial surgeons, and the cost of surgery limit the possibilities for appropriate treatment of patients with these lesions. The authors developed a low-cost(More)
In 1981, Niikawa et al. and Kuroki et al. independently described patients with a new syndrome consisting of mental retardation, postnatal growth deficiency and unusual facial features such as long palpebral fissures with eversion of the lateral one-third of the lower eyelids, arched and laterally sparse eyebrows and large prominent ears among other(More)
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