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In view of the side effects of ticlopidine, stenting with the sole use of aspirin as post-stent treatment, has been attempted under the guidance of intravascular imaging to guarantee the optimization of the deployment. It was also hypothesized that optimal stenting under IVUS guidance would subsequently reduce the restenosis rate. With these aims the WEST-2(More)
We study the deposition of line segments on a two-dimensional square lattice. The estimates for the coverage at jamming obtained by Monte-Carlo simulations and by 7 th-order time-series expansion are successfully compared. The non-trivial limit of adsorption of infinitely long segments is studied, and the lattice coverage is consistently obtained using(More)
  • Bonnier
  • Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas…
  • 2000
The pair annihilation A+B-->0 of static particles distributed at random in a d-dimensional space is studied in the large time regime for a tunneling law. The consequences of a superposition approximation used to close the hierarchy of equations describing the process are analytically explored. It is shown that the density and pair correlations of surviving(More)