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The legalization of physician assisted suicide (PAS) in Oregon and physician assisted death (PAD) in The Netherlands has revitalized the debate over whether and under what conditions individuals should be able to determine the time and manner of their deaths, and whether they should be able to enlist the help of physicians in doing so. Although the change(More)
OBJECTIVE Primary caregivers should be aware of recent progress in the genetics of Alzheimer disease (AD) and of the clinical and ethical considerations raised regarding the introduction of genetic testing for purposes of disease prediction and susceptibility (risk) analysis in asymptomatic individuals and diagnosis in patients who present clinically with(More)
The California case of Drs. Nejdl and Barber, charged with murder for removing the respirator and intravenous feeding line of a severely brain-damaged comatose patient, resulted in divided judicial opinion, delaying indictment or dismissal. Steinbock discusses the legal arguments and medical opinions presented in court, supports the conclusion that removal(More)
This article examines the ethics of egg donation. It begins by looking at objections to noncommercial gamete donation, and then takes up criticism of commercial egg donation. After discussing arguments based on concern for offspring, inequality, commodification, exploitation of donors, and threats to the family, I conclude that some payment to donors is(More)