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Effects of grazing on nesting by upland sandpipers in southcentral North Dakota
Grazing by livestock is often used to reduce litter, improve plant vigor, and alter plant species composition, but additional information is needed on the effects of these management practices onExpand
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Temporal Dynamics of Microgeographic Structure of Genetic Variation in Microtus californicus
Demographic and genetic changes were documented in a 20-month study of a population of the California vole, Microtus californicus . Dramatic changes in density, typical of microtine rodents, wereExpand
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Breeding roles and pairing patterns within communal groups of groove-billed anis
Abstract The objective of this study was to determine how the breeding roles of males and females in communal groups of groove-billed anis (Crotophaga sulcirostris) are related to mating patterns. WeExpand
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Effects of grazing and burning on densities and habitats of breeding ducks in North Dakota
Native grassland communities controlled by public agencies become increasingly important to the maintenance of many wildlife species as privately owned grasslands are destroyed or degraded forExpand
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Habitat Saturation in Groove-Billed Anis (Crotophaga sulcirostris)
To evaluate the importance of habitat saturation in selecting for plural breeding in groove-billed anis, we examined the ecological factors affecting reproductive success. The population wasExpand
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Genetic control of enzyme polymorphisms in the California vole, Microtus californicus
Inheritance of 15 polymorphic isozymes was investigated in captive Microtus californicus. Eleven of the isozymes show patterns consistent with a Mendelian model of inheritance: glycerol-3-phosphateExpand
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Ecological Genetics for the 21st Century