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Fear sometimes returns after attenuation via exposure. Return of fear is poorly understood due to conflicting results from diverse experiments. This article reports on two experiments in which claustrophobic fear during mock diagnostic imaging was attenuated and allowed to return so the experiments could be evaluated and return of fear studied. Attentional(More)
Rhesus monkeys were raised with dogs or inanimate surrogates in outdoor cages which provided them with complex, highly varied visual surroundings. Visual responsiveness to a variety of colored transparencies was investigated in three experiments, completed when the monkeys were between 18 and 30 mo old. Results indicated that the frequency and duration of(More)
concern of biology educators who want to replace lectures with active learning pedagogy is how to cover the same content they would teach in a lecture. A second concern is how to find methods they can immediately employ in their classrooms without the aid of teaching assistants, without the guidance of a university " center for teaching and learning, "(More)
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