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Commercial herbal preparations are typically very complex mixtures and the relationship between content of various constituents and pharmacological action of the formulation is usually unclear. Such formulations are nevertheless standardized using a single marker constituent or a group of closely related constituents, which provides no information about(More)
The monthly advective supply of nutrients and nutrient pool sizes in the Kattegat and the Belt Sea are estimated for the period 1989–1996 from a combination of time-dependent hydrodynamic model results and concentration measurements of dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN), phosphate (DIP) and total nitrogen and phosphorous (TN and TP). The net supply of(More)
Phytochemical investigations of Dovyalis abyssinica, D. hebecarpa, and D. macrocalyx revealed two new spermidine-type alkaloids, dovyalicin E (3) and dovyalicin F (4), along with the previously described dovyalicin A (1), dovyalicin B (2), and dovyalicin C (5). In addition, a new phenol glucoside, 4-hydroxytremulacin (7), and the new 1,2-cyclohexanediol(More)
Three-beam interference experiments have been performed with crystals of two glycosidases: guinea-fowl hexagonal lysozyme, MW 14.3 kDa, and C. thermocellum endoglucanase CelA, MW 40 kDa. In both cases triplet phases could be estimated. Experimental parameters and details of the procedure are presented along with some examples of the results. The average(More)
Monthly time series of nutrient pools and transport in the Baltic Entrance were computed for the period 1974–1999 from a combination of hydrodynamic model results and observational data obtained in national monitoring programmes. Significant seasonal variations in both nutrient pools and transport were found. For example, inflowing dense nutrient-rich(More)
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