Bonnie L Meyer

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We trained cats to walk on a moving treadmill belt, then subjected them to partial transverse sections of the thoracic spinal cord. Afterwards, we observed their ability to walk on the treadmill, over a period of several weeks, using gait analysis techniques to describe the resultant deficits. The extent of the lesions was verified histologically, and the(More)
We investigated the consequences of spinal cord transection in adult cats. All became capable of stepping upon a treadmill. Two of six animals stepped in the first postoperative testing session, 1 week after surgery. It took up to 6 weeks for the others to start stepping. None of the cats became capable of hindquarter support within 2 months after surgery.(More)
Pulsus alternans of the pulmonary artery without systemic pulsus alternans is uncommon and is associated with multiple diseases. Two cases of pulmonary hypertension with pulmonary arterial pulsus alternans and right-sided heart failure are described. Primary pulmonary hypertension was demonstrated at autopsy in both cases. These two case reports constitute(More)
Given the prevalence of major depressive disorder (MDD) and its significant economic and personal costs to society, families, and those with MDD, and given the frequent failure of contemporary therapeutics to treat MDD, it is imperative that nurses explore holistic approaches to managing MDD. My story provides a case study for how several approaches can be(More)
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