Bonnie Jaskowski Huge

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A fraction collector based on a drop-on-demand ink-jet printer was developed to interface capillary zone electrophoresis with a 96 well microtiter plate. We first evaluated the performance of the collector by using capillary zone electrophoresis to analyze a 1mM solution of tetramethylrhodamine; a fluorescent microtiter plate reader was then used to detect(More)
Low molecular weight thiol compounds play crucial roles in many physiological processes. Most methods for determination of thiol compounds are population-averaged; few methods for quantification of thiol compounds in single cells have been reported. We report an ultrasensitive method for determination of thiol compounds in single cells by use of(More)
We present a design for a sheath-flow cuvette that uses a relatively inexpensive quartz cuvette. The cuvette has a high optical quality square flow chamber that is fused to quartz tubes at each end. PEEK/TEFZEL fittings hold and seal the quartz flow chamber without putting strain on the cuvette. The performance of the cuvette is evaluated as a laser-induced(More)
We report an improved interface for two-dimensional capillary electrophoresis. This interface is based on capillary tubing and a Plexiglas chip, both of which were milled using a micro-dicing saw. The interface was evaluated and compared to a traditional interface design for both pseudo one-dimensional and two-dimensional capillary electrophoresis. We(More)
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