Bonnie J Fields

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The objective of this study was to characterize the quality attributes of pork derived from pigs of the following backgrounds: Duroc, Pietrain (Halothane negative, NN), Pietrain (Halothane positive, nn), Berkshire, Hampshire (rn+), Hampshire (RN-), and a synthetic line. A 10-member panel was trained to evaluate visual appearance of uncooked lean and fat,(More)
Production of pork for quality-driven export markets offers economic incentive. Pork processors use subjective firmness as a sorting tool for loins intended for high-quality export. The objectives of this study were to determine 1) durometer efficacy in muscle, 2) if firmness on one portion of the loin is indicative of other locations, 3) if 1 d firmness is(More)
When leaders of a system decide to pursue Magnet® designation, a required high-stake decision is whether to pursue this designation as a system or individual entities in the system. To assist leaders to make the best decision, the authors evaluate the pros and cons of system versus single-entity pursuit of Magnet status to assist a system chief nursing(More)
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