Bonnie Isacovics

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The perpetuation of chronic synovitis in juvenile arthritis (JA) is a complex interaction of local and systemic regulatory mechanism. We examined the cell surface phenotype of synovial fluid cells and peripheral blood lymphocytes from 15 patients with JA to better understand the mechanism of local inflammation. Synovial fluid and peripheral blood(More)
We have addressed the problem of anti-La autoimmune responses by defining the specific binding sites of human mAb to the La protein. Two human anti-La mAb were developed; one an IgM (kappa) (designated 8G3) and the second an IgG1 (kappa) (9A5) isotype. The mAb 8G3 immunoprecipitated the La RNA and La protein from crude human cell lysates; bound the 50-kDa(More)
The pathogenesis of congenital heart block (CHB) remains unclear. The occurrence rate of neonatal CHB is low, even in murine models of lupus erythematosus. The assessment of heart block in murine maternal lupus models by measuring atrioventricular conduction in neonatal offspring is potentially confounded by fetal wastage. We therefore sought to develop a(More)
Neonatal lupus erythematosus (NLE) is associated with the transplacental passage of maternal anti-Ro and anti-La antibodies. In order to better determine the risk of delivery of a child with NLE, we examined the frequency of anti-Ro and anti-La antibody secreting cells in mothers of children with NLE and in mothers at risk to deliver a child with NLE. We(More)
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