Bonnie Fenster

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In a structural model, we tested how relations of predictors to level of adolescent substance use (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana), and to substance-related impaired-control and behavior problems, are moderated by good self-control and poor regulation in behavioral and emotional domains. The participants were a sample of 1,116 public high-school students. In a(More)
The role of transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGFbeta1) in the regulation of estrogen receptor (ER) expression in MCF-7 cells was investigated. After treatment of the cells with 100 pM TGFbeta1, ER protein declined by about 30% at 6 h from a concentration of 413.5 fmol/mg protein in control cells to 289.5 fmol/mg protein in treated cells. The concentration(More)
OBJECTIVE We tested a dual-process model based on behavioral and emotional regulation constructs, which posits that good self-control and poor regulation make independent contributions and have different types of pathways to outcomes. The utility of the model for predicting substance use was tested in two diverse populations of younger adolescents. METHOD(More)
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