Bonnie Faust

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From a cosmid library of Streptomyces cyanogenus S136, DNA fragments encompassing approximately 35 kb of the presumed landomycin biosynthetic gene cluster were identified and sequenced, revealing 32 open reading frames most of which could be assigned through data base comparison.
Urdamycin A, the principal product of Streptomyces fradiae Tu2717, is an angucycline-type antibiotic and anticancer agent containing C-glycosidically linked D-olivose. To extend knowledge of the biosynthesis of urdamycin A the authors have cloned further parts of the urdamycin biosynthetic gene cluster. Three new ORFs (urdK, urdJ and urdO) were identified(More)
BACKGROUND Streptomyces fradiae is the principal producer of urdamycin A. The antibiotic consists of a polyketide-derived aglycone, which is glycosylated with four sugar components, 2x D-olivose (first and last sugar of a C-glycosidically bound trisaccharide chain at the 9-position), and 2x L-rhodinose (in the middle of the trisaccharide chain and at the(More)
PURPOSE The pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, and tolerability of dalfampridine extended-release tablets in healthy adults under fed and fasted conditions were evaluated. METHODS The study participants (n = 30) were randomly assigned to receive one 10-mg dalfampridine tablet in a fasted condition (no food for 10-12 hours) or a fed condition (after a(More)
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