Bonnie Farmer

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BACKGROUND Population-based studies have shown that vegetarians have lower body mass index than nonvegetarians, suggesting that vegetarian diet plans may be an approach for weight management. However, a perception exists that vegetarian diets are deficient in certain nutrients. OBJECTIVE To compare dietary quality of vegetarians, nonvegetarians, and(More)
During August 1987, a large and concentrated infestation of Aedes albopictus was discovered on the property of a tire recapper and gasket manufacturer in Chicago, IL, in a densely populated urban environment. The infestation called for special abatement procedures because of the large number of tires and the varied ways they were stacked. An effective(More)
The amount and source of fat in the diet can affect the growth response. Differences in growth among treatments an affect iron bioavailability determinations when change in hemoglobin concentration is used as the criterion. The amount and source of fat was varied in diets fed to anemic rats for assaying the bioavailability of iron from turkey meat. It was(More)
Observational studies have shown that body mass indexes of vegetarians are lower than those of nonvegetarians and that caloric intake of vegetarians is typically lower than that of nonvegetarians, suggesting that a vegetarian diet could be an approach for weight management. However, vegetarians may be at risk of inadequate intakes of certain vitamins and(More)
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