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The loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta is an endangered species in the Mediterranean. Therefore, the definition of the Mediterranean population, and their relationships to the Atlantic population is of fundamental importance. For this purpose, we have sequenced a portion of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene to generate genetic markers. Results indicate(More)
Methodology used to support changes to the Regulations for bottled water in the Food and Drugs Act of Canada, which include criteria for Pseudomonas aeruginosa (0 colony-forming units/100 mL of water), was used to assess the survival of P. aeruginosa in inoculated bottled water. The effects of P. aeruginosa on the survival of Salmonella spp. in bottled(More)
Proposed changes to the Regulations for bottled water in the Food and Drugs Act of Canada include criteria for Aeromonas hydrophila (0 colony-forming units/100 mL water). The development of the methodology used to support these proposed Regulations and the survival of A. hydrophila in inoculated water are described. The methodology used in the isolation of(More)
Seventeen Canadian Federal, Provincial and Public Health Laboratories took part in different phases of a comparative/collaborative study that evaluated rapid methods to the standard Health Protection Branch (HPB) method for the detection of Salmonella. A variety of commercial media were tested, including Brilliant Green Sulpha Agar, Bismuth Sulphite Agar,(More)
As part of a comparative and collaborative study of rapid methods for the detection of Salmonella and the standard Health Protection Branch (HPB) method, six Federal and Provincial Laboratories compared the EF-18 agar/Hydrophobic Grid Membrane Filters (HGMF) method to the standard HPB method. Two Federal Laboratories also compared the enzyme linked antibody(More)
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