Bonnie Bliss

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BACKGROUND Sodium thiosulfate is an antioxidant shown in preclinical studies in animals to prevent cisplatin-induced hearing loss with timed administration after cisplatin without compromising the antitumour efficacy of cisplatin. The primary aim of this study was to assess sodium thiosulfate for prevention of cisplatin-induced hearing loss in children and(More)
BACKGROUND The benefits of aminoglycoside antibiotics, such as tobramycin, administered as a once-daily dose to manage febrile neutropenia, have been demonstrated in many patient populations. However, toxicity and safety data are lacking for pediatric stem cell transplant recipients, who are at especially high risk for aminoglycoside-related toxicity and(More)
Hearing loss and its functional consequences were evaluated retrospectively in children with congenital hypothyroidism. From a cohort of 101 children followed longitudinally to evaluate newborn screening, 75 with previous hearing tests were studied. Fifteen (20%) were found to have hearing problems. Of these, nine had unilateral or sensorineural loss mostly(More)
We report a series of cases of late infection in Dacron arterial grafts. Late infection is defined as that presenting de novo 6 months or more after the patient's discharge from hospital with a clean healed wound. One hundred and ten patients were followed up and 6 cases of this type of infection occurred. The diagnosis was made on clinical grounds and(More)