Bonnie B Bar

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The nursing faculty at the State University of West Georgia views individuals as an integration of body-mind-spirit. Our program's commitment complements efforts to teach students to honor the body, mind, and spirit of patients. Within this framework, faculty recognize that factors other than nursing knowledge impact students' ability to pass NCLEX-RN. An(More)
PURPOSE The overall goal of this pilot study was to determine the effects of a motivational interviewing (MI) educational program on MI knowledge. DESIGN Pretest/posttest intervention study. METHOD Eleven participants completed a 20-item test prior to a 6-hour course on motivational interviewing. Six of those participants completed a second 2-hour(More)
Peace within self or an inner calmness may be created and sustained by caring for self at a deep level, committing to an inner journey, and by dedication to maintaining a practice of self-care. Suggestions for creating and sustaining peace within self, using the model "Listen, Envision and Take Action" (LET or allow), are explored as a guide to support and(More)
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