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Despite recent advances in fluid animation, producing small-scale detail of turbulent water still remains challenging. In this paper, we extend the well-accepted particle level set method in an attempt to integrate the dynamic behavior of splashing water easily into a fluid animation system. Massless marker particles that still escape from the main body of(More)
This paper presents CAMEL, a spatially-distributed conceptual model for simulating reactive transport of phosphorus from diffuse sources at the catchment scale. A catchment is represented in the model using a network of grid cells and each grid cell is comprised of various conceptual storages of water, sediment and phosphorus. To allow for reactive(More)
We propose a method for calculating a force acting on the interface between immiscible fluids or fluids having an immiscible property with respect to the other fluids. This method is for particle-based fluid simulations and includes forces caused by viscosity, pressure and an interactive force caused by interaction between the fluids. Our approach can(More)
The field of Non-Photorealistic Rendering(NPR) has leaped forward as a variety of techniques to create artistic expression are proposed. Unfortunately, the aim of most methods is generally to express a specific one of artistic styles. A few approaches including [Grabli et al. 2004] and [Halper et al. 2003] have been proposed to provide an appropriate(More)
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