Bonita Cooley

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Objective: An aging population has resulted in higher prevalence of urinary incontinence (UI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). This study examines a nurse-run clinic and analyzes the factors contributing to successful pessary use. Study design: A retrospective chart review of 1,216 patients was completed. History, pelvic examination and pessary fitting was(More)
This study documents developmental changes in the vocal reaction of bats to obstacles and describes the pulse patterns of young bats on their 1st and subsequent flights. The pulse repetition rate of young bats showed an increase just before the bats approached obstacles. This pattern differs from that of older bats. The distance at which the change in pulse(More)
A series of 36 digital replants is reported in which microvascular anastomoses were each performed with four to six stitches and topically applied fibrin glue. Thirty-two digits survived, comparable to survival with conventional microvascular anastomosis. The average operative time per replanted digit was 3.2 hours, considerably less than documented with(More)
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