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This paper introduces a SOPC high-speed interconnection platform based on FPGA convenient for integrate processing system with Ethernet. Embedded processor PowerPC405e, corporated with logic array, implement seamless connection with processing system, as well as gigabit Ethernet. It shows flexiblity and efficiency through data storage and playback with NAS(More)
The power control in multi-antenna cognitive radio system has been researched with the idea of game theory. In the system, to gain its own maximal utility, every user improves the transmitting power selfishly not considering other users, so the other users choose the corresponding strategies, the interactive and repeated process is actually a kind of(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a multi-carrier parallel transmission technology which has the capability of anti-multipath interference. It is the key technology of the fourth generation mobile communication system. This paper introduces the principle and application about OFDM. Then, based on system model simulation is made on the(More)
UWB(Ultra Wideband) system takes up extremely wide bandwidth, so it interferes with narrowband communication systems each other easily, that influences the system performance. The main approach to the problem is designing pulse waveform for UWB system to make it have notches in narrowband interferences. The paper designed UWB pulse with APSWF (approximate(More)
Modern direction finding (DF) methods usually use antenna arrays to receive information from an unknown radiation source, and further process the information in order to locate the transmission source. Small aperture array is easy to carry, install, deploy and operate because of small volume, light weight, and it is preferred to large aperture array, and is(More)
The existing user identifier systems are facing the problem such as incomplete logging procedure, hard to resolve and limited scope. In this paper, a HIP based real-name architecture is proposed for implementing peer-to-peer identity trusting, global access in the next generation internet. This paper discusses the details of design and implementation for(More)
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