Bonifacio Martín-del-Brío

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Speech recognition tools for human-machine interaction (HMI) in consumer equipments have been recently become a reality because of the improvement in pattern recognition technologies, signal processing, and the development of high performance microcontroller devices at low-cost. In this paper, a compact system for phonemes and small vocabularies recognition(More)
Competitive models based on a simple dot product neuron often deal with normalized vectors, which adds a hard computational cost. Using Euclidean distance nodes without normalization is only a partial solution, because they are less plausible from a biological point of view and the computational cost of the Euclidean distance is greater than that of the dot(More)
Recent developments in signal processing, pattern recognition, neural networks and powerful (low-cost) embedded processors allow including speech processing for human-machine interaction in consumer equipment. In this paper we present a compact system for vowels and small vocabulary recognition, its orientation being consumer applications, where cost is of(More)