Bonifacio Martín-del-Brío

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Many recent papers have dealt with the application of feedforward neural networks in financial data processing. This powerful neural model can implement very complex nonlinear mappings, but when outputs are not available or clustering of patterns is required, the use of unsupervised models such as self-organizing maps is more suitable. The present work(More)
Recent developments in signal processing, pattern recognition, neural networks and powerful (low-cost) embedded processors allow including speech processing for human-machine interaction in consumer equipment. In this paper we present a compact system for vowels and small vocabulary recognition, its orientation being consumer applications, where cost is of(More)
In this paper we show some sensor linearizing methods based on feed-forward neural networks (multilayer perceptron). These procedures can be easily programmed into a computer-based data acquisition system. Nevertheless, we show that introducing some simplifications in the neural network architecture, these linearization procedures can also be programmed(More)