Bongsu Shin

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This paper describes the locomotion of a water jumping robot which emulates the ability of the water strider and the fishing spider to jump on the water surface. While previous studies of the robots mimicking aquatic arthropods were focused on recreating their horizontal skating motions, here we aim to achieve a vertical jumping motion. The robot jumps by(More)
We have explored the condensation behavior of water on a superhydrophobic carbon fiber (CF) network with high-aspect-ratio hair-like nanostructures. Nanostructures ranging from nanopillars to hairy shapes were grown on CFs by preferential oxygen plasma etching. Superhydrophobic CF surfaces were achieved by application of a hydrophobic siloxanebased(More)
It is well-known that evaporation of sessile drops with suspended particles like colloids and coffee powders can yield a variety of two-dimensional patterns depending on the particle shapes and internal flow patterns. Here we show that ordered three-dimensional structures can be built via evaporation of saline drops on highly hydrophobic substrates like(More)
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