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This paper develops an econometric model for vehicles' inherent mortality rate and estimates the probability of accidents and survival in the United States. Logistic regression model is used to estimate probability of survival, and censored regression model is used to estimate probability of accidents. The estimation results indicated that the probability(More)
Accident size can be expressed as the number of involved vehicles, the number of damaged vehicles, the number of deaths and/or the number of injured. Accident size is the one of the important indices to measure the level of safety of transportation facilities. Factors such as road geometric condition, driver characteristic and vehicle type may be related to(More)
Variable Speed Limits can affect safety and congestion. To estimate the effects of variable speed limits, the operation value should be calculated with queuing theory. In this model after ts minutes since congestion occurred, the queue length is checked and variable speed limits operation would be started. Under this condition, cars pass the modeling area(More)