Bonglea Kim

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A new family of graded d-spacing multilayer optics, called the Confocal Max-Flux@ optics, has been designed, fabricated, and tested for several different applications. Utilizing a “side-byside” Kirkpatrick-Baez scheme, both mirrors of a Confocal Max-Flux@ optics can be positioned at the most optimized location. For intensity sensitive applications with(More)
Experimental and computational studies are carried out on the separation of a mixture of chemotactic peptides by reversed-phase gradient elution on commercial octadecyl silica supports with acetonitrile as the modulator. The solubility of this mixture is found to be a complex function not only of mobile phase composition, but also of the order in which the(More)
Graded d-spacing multilayer optics for MO Ka, Co Ka and Cr Ka have been developed. Using Monte-Carlo ray tracing methods, the authors have studied many aspects involved in multilayer optic design. These include the dependence of multilayer performance on source intensity distribution, coating material choice, multilayer configuration and optical layout. In(More)
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