Bongani Khumalo

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High-frequency data is useful to measure volatility, reduce recall bias, and measure dynamic treatment effects. We conduct the first experimental evaluation of high-frequency phone surveys in a developing country or with microenterprises. We randomly assign microenterprise owners to monthly in-person, weekly inperson, or weekly phone interviews. We find(More)
Women make up 54% of voters in South Africa. A delegation of 80 groups representing 2 million women under the Women' National Coalition delivered many research reports on women's issues (e.g., rape, violence, women's status, women workers' rights) to the Transitional Executive Council. If political parties want women to support them, they need to address(More)
Married women under customary law in South Africa are perpetual minors; customary law marriages are not of equal status to civil law marriages; women are denied inheritance access to land and property and excluded from decision making in their homes and communities; and Muslim women do not have equal rights under Muslim personal law. As political and civil(More)
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